Live life with smile

A smile does not cost anything, but doing a lot. Enriches those who accept without impoverishes the one who gives it. It only takes a moment, but the memory of it many times eternal. None is so rich you don't need and none so poor to do not deserve it. It creates happiness in the home. An anaphase the weary smile gives courage to the frustrated, comforted in regret and is contrary to any grief. And yet do not borrow, not bought, it is stolen because it is something that has value only the time given. And if sometime meet a person that doesn't give you the smile you deserve, then stand generous and give it your own. Why do I have so much need of the smile as he who cannot give it to others...!!

The dignity isn't location, theme dressing, and dating cycle! Has nothing to do with how high you get, if you're someone, if you got fame! H dignity has more to do with your attitude towards life and the difficult times they met, the respect you gain through them-and no one can expect that! The dignity is. .. Silent but always wins the impressions!!!

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