Passion of Life

I lived my passions like a fire, I saw then wither and fade and all that things from danger, I cried about it the end ... that is in all. I felt ashamed in front of the well-dressed and deadly guilt for all their tape in memory and poor, saw the youth to leaves, rotting teeth, I wanted to kill myself out of cowardice or vanity, sychwresa those with crushed, eclipse there I spat. Elisa inhuman moment, when you discover, too late, that you're another of him who one entropies my name to not stay and slick selfishness on me — and it was the most frights selfishness. The nights I cried, synthikologisa days, I found myself in ceaseless struggle with this demon inside me that wanted it all, ' Does my acts the most courageous, the most my dreams and Crystal peonage, Dose’s heavy sins, I watered alcohol, debts, xeytelismoys, and peonage. Boyliaxa to mikrozitimata, flunkies for a pathnames post, blamed, I did my debt by calculation and the other time, without anyone asks me I cut small-small pieces myself and dealt at all points of the horizon ... Now, I'm sitting straight in the night and think that maybe now I can write a verse is true

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